ENGIE and SCHOTT sign two novel Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

ENGIE and SCHOTT have concluded two PPAs from solar and wind plants with a total volume of 200 gigawatt hours The partnership is novel in this country: SCHOTT receives a continuous green power supply with physical delivery from precisely allocated plants. Furthermore, this is one of the first PPAs with an EKOenergy label in all of Germany.
ENGIE x Schott - Two Corporate Power Purchase Agreements form green plants

The technology group SCHOTT has concluded two Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (cPPA) with ENGIE. They will start in 2023 and run for three years. The total volume amounts to 200 gigawatt hours. The first cPPA covers six German solar farms that went into operation between 2017 and 2020; the second relates to a wind farm that went into operation at the end of 2021. Both contracts are based on an innovative model that is new in Germany: SCHOTT receives a continuous green power supply (baseload structure) with physical delivery from precisely allocated plants and the corresponding certificates of origin. "With the combination of wind and solar plants, we have found a high-quality green power solution that is precisely tailored to SCHOTT's needs: an adapted green power supply that keeps pace with the company's high climate protection goals and at the same time offers electricity price hedging in an extremely volatile market environment. At the customer's request, we also took the regional component into account and integrated wind and solar parks in the region that meet SCHOTT's high quality standards," says Sarah Drevermann, Senior Originator at ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales.

PPA with
EKOenergy label

Another first: the two cPPAs meet the criteria of the EKOenergy label. Electricity from renewable energies that is sold with this globally recognized non-profit seal of approval meets extra sustainability criteria and finances additional projects to combat energy poverty. SCHOTT is one of the first companies in this country to sign a PPA with an EKOenergy label.

ENGIE accompanies SCHOTT into climate neutrality

As one of the world's leading specialty glass manufacturers, SCHOTT has set itself the goal of becoming the first climate-neutral company in the industry by 2030. An important building block on this path is the use of 100 percent renewable electricity and hydrogen for energy-intensive processes. "With PPAs, we want to make an even more concrete contribution to the energy transition. Through the EKOenergy label, we ensure that the wind and photovoltaic plants from which we draw electricity meet additional sustainability criteria. They are located outside of important bird and biodiversity areas," explains Thomas Hahn, Global Category Manager Energy in Purchasing at SCHOTT.

ENGIE is one of the leading providers of PPAs worldwide and is one of the top three portfolio owners of post-EEG plants with a volume of more than two terawatt hours.


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